Chatting with my bank teller the other day, it seems like most middle class families with teenagers are spending about $1000 per kid for Christmas this year.  Sounds about right since this is a time when you can splurge on the larger items they may need – a new laptop for school and warm boots – and on a few things they may not need, too!


Chatting with a young man who comes to our youth centre, I found out that he is getting reacquainted with his parents and they said they would like to get him a Christmas present.  He asked for a gift card to Food Basics so that he could get groceries.  This is not unusual.  A couple of years ago, another young man asked his dad for groceries for his 19th birthday.

The reality is that homeless youth are often hungry.  Food is always on their minds and they take any opportunity – especially holidays – to get food that is nourishing and tastes good!

So here’s my conclusion:

If it’s reasonable to spend $1000 on a young person who has a roof over their head and a loving family,we should spend at least that on kids who have known only abuse, struggle, neglect, and pain.

WE adults have the power to relieve some suffering at any time!  Please make a donation to a homeless youth centre or shelter this holiday season.

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